It's the Journey of a Lifetime

We are to consecrate ourselves and prepare for a life of wonders

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Outpost definition
Calling FIRST RESPONDERS To A Generation In Need

We are calling people into an urgent lifestyle of holy striving
and zealous prayer as we press toward the goal together.
The 24/7 church is coming, and the call
is to start modeling this emerging church structure.

Reigniting The Adventure

Equipping For The Battle

You may be asking yourself, "What is the Outpost?"

Reigniting the Adventure

Equipping for the Battle

God loves a good adventure. When the prophet Jeremiah saw Him, He was setting forth like a traveler with His (walking stick) almond branch in hand. That’s God on the trail. The amazing thing is that the trail has led Him to you, where He stops and calls your name. When you hear His voice and turn around, you look into His eyes (of love, passion, blazing fire and zeal) and hear Him say,

“Follow me.”

As with any great adventurer, He doesn’t tell you where He’s going or how long it’ll take to get there. It is then and there you make the most important and most costly decision of your life.

And… You choose to follow Him!

But God is also a warrior and He is bent on conquest. If you chose to follow Him, by default, you have joined up with the greatest warriors of all time! Not only do you get in on the adventure of a lifetime, you become engaged in the greatest military campaign of all time!

Your objective?
A full-on Search and Rescue mission for the souls of men. And time is running out!

At the Outpost, we offer you training on how to live and love the adventure and, at the same time, how to become a warrior equipped with everything necessary to fight the battle and win. In both cases you need to know only one simple objective, “YOU MUST FOLLOW HIM.”

And the cost is a complete, 100%, no holds barred commitment, discipline and surrender to Him. It requires you to lay down your life completely at the feet of Jesus and give Him the rights to every aspect of your life.

This is a non-negotiable requirement for any true follower of Christ and soldier of the cross.

However, this warrior’s adventure is not just for a select few or an elite group. This adventure is for every person who is alive or will be alive on this earth, NONE excluded. It’s for the whole world!

The world is waiting for the peace of God to break through enemy lines and get into their heart.

How will they know? Through a “disciplined one” like you! That’s what the word disciple means: a disciplined follower of Jesus. And the last command our Commanding Officer gave us was to “Go make disciples of all nations…” Once trained, you carry on and train others how to “follow Him” and then they’ll teach others how to “follow Him.” And the adventure goes on and the battles are fought until every living soul has heard this incredible message of God’s love. We are committed to that cause and give our lives to that end!

have you gone R.E.D.?
Army & Hiking Boots

The Outpost can be a spiritual training ground and fellowship for those of you who don’t have a
“church” home and for those who need a spiritual resource. At the Outpost,,
you can find the tools and resources necessary to grow, mature, engage in spiritual warfare and then,
in turn, begin to “equip” others in the very same way.

You might say it’s our dream – to reignite the adventure of walking with God and equip you as a warrior.
And with the help of God and this site,, our dream is coming true!

The Outpost was birthed out of the command of Jesus to "make disciples of all nations." (Matt 28:19-20)
Our longing and desire is for a revival and an awakening in this world that saves the masses
from eternal hell. But, we know that for a salvation experience to persevere, a person
must be given the keys to know how to maintain their salvation. It is one thing to be saved,
and we praise God for salvation, but it is an entirely different thing to grow in the 'wisdom
and knowledge of the Lord' and to move on into maturity and discipleship with Jesus.
And that is what we desire for the masses that we believe are getting ready to be swept
into the Kingdom of God.

The Outpost is preparation for revival. R.E.D. is our response.

The Outpost operates under the umbrella of Hand to the Plow Ministries. You can visit HTTP HERE.
It is a small band of people currently located in Sarasota, FL. Led by Steve Coder, we fight for
unity and are determined to be a "house of prayer for all nations."

Reigniting the Adventure

To live lives of servanthood to reach a world that is perishing and give them Jesus. Purely Jesus.

Equipping For the Battle

The thrill of the journey coupled with the militant discipline to live uncompromised, holy lives.

the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose
a pledge or promise; obligation
steady persistence in a course of action; a purpose
uprightness and fairness, truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness
to surrender something desirable for a higher thing

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R.E.D. Revive Evangelize Disciple

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