The Ezekiel Stick is a symbol of unity

Ezekiel 37:15-28

"These sticks are for the whole world."

Jim Kelly, New York

The Ezekiel Stick a walking stick of unity. God uses simple objects, like this stick, to speak clear messages. It was this way when God told the Old Testament prophet, Ezekiel, to go to His people. He told him to take two sticks and bind them together in his hand, making them a single unified stick. God was showing His people that after years of suffering and division, they were going to be united as one in His hand.

God told Ezekiel to name one of the sticks Ephraim which means, “God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering.” The other stick was to be named Judah which simply means, “now I will praise the Lord.” God sees the seasons of our lives and knows we will need the message of both sticks. One season may be filled with suffering and sorrow, as when crisis strikes our lives. It is during these difficult times that we need the stick of Ephraim to know God can bring fruitfulness and hope out of our tragedies. There will also be seasons of joy when our hearts are filled with gratitude and appreciation.

Whatever season you are going through, God wants you to know He will “stick” with you. He promised He would never leave you. This stick represents God’s incredible love for you. Like the stick, His love is free. You can’t earn it; you simply need to reach out and take hold of it. Through His on, Jesus, God has been waiting for you all of your life. Just call on His name. He is the One you can hold on to!

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Every stick is a life story