R.E.D. School of Discipleship

Revive. Evangelize. Disciple.

...for adventures with God!

Military // Adventure

Awakening is needed.

Where the adventure is Christ.

It's a one-way trail and we're calling you to join.

R.E.D. - Every step, every heartbeat leads deeper into Christ.

From Basecamp fundamentals to Summit discipleship.

From following to leading and leading to the cross.

The world is calling and awaits your visit.

R.E.D. - Where adventure & military collide in Him.

Where trail meets tactical and each step takes territory.

Will you enlist?

R.E.D. Revive. Evangelize. Disciple.
have you gone R.E.D. ?
Boots on the ground

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Welcome to the R.E.D. School of Discipleship!

We're truly glad you took the leap of faith!

**It may take 3-5 minutes to receive your confirmation email. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam. Once you ENLIST or login, the Basecamp, Ascent and Summit pages will be listed under the "R.E.D. Initiative -> R.E.D. School" tab in the main menu.


either way you're going to get dirty

True Soldier

Humans are more important than Hardware.

Quality is better than Quantity.

Cannot be created after emergencies occur.

Able to operate in all environments.

Able to easily adapt and overcome obstacles.

Operates exclusively as a team.

At the end of the day, a committed VOLUNTEER.

Thanks to ShadowSpear for great info.

True Adventurer


Meticulous Preparation.

Team Spirit.

Attention to Detail.

Prepared for Emergencies.

Sharp focus and mental endurance.

At the end of the day, a committed VOLUNTEER.

Thanks to Walter Lim for interesting insight.